Bishop Loch LNR

6. Bishop Loch LNR – NS683664

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The Reserve is located in north east Glasgow on the edge of Easterhouse. It was Glasgow’s first LNR, being designated in 1995. Despite its name,  the LNR boundary does not actually include Bishop Loch. The Reserve is made up of woodland, grassland and the marsh that adjoins the loch on its south western boundary.

This is the third LNR to be leased to Forestry Commission Scotland by the Council.

Bishop Loch LNR covers an area north of Lochend Road from its junction with Westerhouse Road east to where it meets Auchingill Road (zoom in on map  or see page 2 of leaflet – click here .

It can be accessed via a number of entrance points from Lochend Road which is served by FirstBus route no. 41 from the city centre.

Entrance off Lochend Road at east end of Auchingill Road

There are a number of paths crisscrossing the Reserve through woodland ..

Woodland path – copyright Jim Coyle

and adjacent to reedbeds …

Path adjacent to reedbeds – copyright Jim Coyle

culminating in  fine views across the loch …..

Bishop Loch – copyright Jim Coyle

The Reserve plays host to a range of woodland bird species whilst the grassland comes alive with colourful plants that attract butterflies and bees. The loch offers opportunities to see wetland birds such as Great Crested Grebe, Gadwall, Shoveler, Pochard and Tufted Duck whilst rarities have included Black Tern and Bittern!