Dawsholm Park LNR

3. Dawsholm Park LNR – NS553696

The Park is located approximately 3 kilometres north west of the City Centre and is bounded by the River Kelvin, an active railway line, Bearsden Road and Dalsholm Road (See map Dawsholm Park LNR). Most of the park was declared a LNR by GCC in 2007.

Kelvindale railway station is only a 5 minute walk from the Park. The Park also abuts the Kelvin Walkway/Kelvin Cycle Way.

The Park consists mostly of policy and plantation woodland and is principally important for the birdlife the woodland habitat supports. The River Kelvin runs along the northern boundary and the southern boundary consists of three ‘fields’ managed for their grassland and hawthorn scrub.

River Kelvin – copyright Jim Coyle

Looking south across one of the 3 ‘fields’ – copyright Jim Coyle

There is an extensive network of well used public footpaths within the park’s wooded areas, many of which were upgraded by the Council last winter (2016-17).

Upgraded footpath – 20/2/17 – copyright Jim Coyle

Upgraded footpath – 20/2/17 – copyright Jim Coyle

The Park is an excellent place to see common woodland birds, including winter visitors such as Redwing. Other species include Red Fox, Grey Squirrel, Common Frog, damselflies and dragonflies.


Wood Pigeon – Dawsholm Park – copyright Jim Coyle

Redwing – Dawsholm Park – copyright Jim Coyle

Common Frogs – Dawsholm Park – copyright Jim Coyle

Large Red Damselfly – Dawsholm Park – copyright Jim Coyle

If you are really lucky, the Kingfisher and Otter can be spotted on the River Kelvin.

You can also get great views over the City and some wonderful sun sets.

Dawsholm Park – January 2014 – copyright Jim Coyle