Linn Park LNR

8. Linn Park LNR – NS585590

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Linn Park was declared Glasgow’s 8th Local Nature Reserve on 4th July 2012. This was the first LNR in the south of the city. The LNR is 6km south of Glasgow city centre and, at 56ha, is the third largest LNR in the city (see map).

Linn Park signage – copyright Jim Coyle

It is characterised by its mature semi-natural woods, mixed plantations and parkland trees, with associated wildflower meadows and amenity grasslands in an historical estate setting.

Woodland path – copyright Jim Coyle

Wildflower Meadow – copyright Jim Coyle

The extensive grounds with their notably rich mature woodland  create a woodland park atmosphere enabling a countryside experience to be had close to the residential areas of Muirend, Simshill, Netherlee and Castlemilk.

The valley of the White Cart Water is intimately associated with the park and forms the core landscape feature of the LNR. The valley sides range from sheer cliffs to locally low lying wet riparian woodland, but in general are clothed in mature semi-natural woodland.

White Cart Water – weir and waterfall – copyright Jim Coyle

The LNR is particularly of note for its floristic and bird diversity with some 250 and 60 species recorded respectively. Some animals and plants of interest include Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar), Otter (Lutra lutra) and Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) on the White Cart Water and Great-spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos major) and Toothwort (Lathraea squamaria) in the woodlands. Toothwort is a parasitic plant that grows on the roots of trees. It is scarce in Scotland and Linn Park is one of only 3 sites in Glasgow this species is found.

A visit to this large park is a true countryside experience.