Robroyston Park LNR

4. Robroyston Park LNR – NS629683

Much of the Park was designated as a LNR in 2006. Since then Glasgow City Council has extended the LNR on two occasions, most recently in May 2016, and the whole Park, some 43.3 hectares, is now a LNR.

It is located close to Junction 2 of the M80 with entrances at Rockfield Road, Quarrywood Road and Robroyston Road (see map).

Entrance from Robroyston Road – copyright Jim Coyle

Entrance from Rockfield Road – copyright Jim Coyle

It is owned and managed by the Council and is open to all. It is a wonderful place to visit and is important for its wildlife because of the range of habitats to be found there – grasslands, wetlands and woodland.

Robroyston Park LNR – southern pond and woodland – copyright Jim Coyle

Robroyston Park LNR – northern wetlands and grasslands – copyright Jim Coyle

Grassland management – photo courtesy of GCC

Breeding birds include Moorhen, Grasshopper Warbler and Willow Warbler.  Buzzards are regularly seen and bird records for September 2017 include Kingfisher and Meadow Pipit.

Moorhen – copyright Jim Coyle

The park is also good for frogs, toads, butterflies and the Six-spot Burnet Moth.