Malls Mire LNR

11. Malls Mire – NS602621

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Malls Mire was declared a Local Nature Reserve in March 2015 – see plan.

Access can be had from the Community Centre on Prospecthill Circus, off Prospecthill Road.

It is a small site (approx 7ha), just over half of which consists of woodland habitat, the rest being mainly neutral grassland and marsh with a small pond. The majority of the woodland habitat is a plantation of predominantly broadleaf trees, the planting having been undertaken in 1993 by Treewise (now the Wise-Group) as part of amenity planting for Toryglen.

Footpath – Photo courtesy of GCC

Urban Roots currently undertake management work and assist with promotion of the site (and its biodiversity) amongst the local community in Toryglen.

Woodland Management – photo courtesy of Urban Roots via GCC

Recent surveys by entomologists have shown that the site is valuable for a number of rare beetles and a spider, the latter, Southern Motherphage  (Coelotes terrestris) having only been found at one other site in Scotland.